Monday, May 9, 2011

Parade time... again

Parade time again...
This time Isaiah and Lydia were invited to ride with a relative:
L-Bow the clown in his cool jeep
We had an exciting time trying to find L-Bow's jeep amidst all the parade entries in the staging area. Fortunately I knew what color his Jeep was... bright red! that made it a bit easier to find.
Cool balloon hat, and ready to rock.
practicing waving with new friends
On our race down to the end of the parade route... about 2 miles.
Tobiah loved the mascots and the big trucks... but not the pirates
Enjoying the sun...
just being cute... and then, when Isaiah and Lydia finally came by...
there was a sudden downpour!
Hoping the next parade isn't quite so wet!

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