Thursday, February 26, 2009

5 months old

Yesterday Tobiah turned 5 months old! He is our sweet, happy little guy. Rayna calls him "little man" and can make him giggle soooo much! He squeals in delight when Lydia is around, and listens intently to all that big brother Isaiah has to say!

He has turned into quite a chubby baby and it is hard to believe that only five months ago this precious little one was born at home. He was my second home birth (Rayna was my first, and that is a whole different story!) and may I say that I absolutely loved it both times! I've had the blessing to have two wonderful midwives for the two births and would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to consider a home birth! Ok... so now for the birth story (which by the way, I love to hear about births!) but don't worry, no gory details!

Tobiah was born on a Thursday just a few hours after my midwife appointment. I had been having contractions pretty regularly throughout the morning since 7 am and they were slightly increasing in intensity. At the appointment my midwife, Lori, declared: "You are going to have a baby today!" She didn't want to go home (which was about a half an hour drive away) until I'd delivered a baby because the last time I went into labor and called to let them know... I had a baby 30 minutes later! So I headed home and started making sandwiches for our three other children. I had already called John to let him know that we needed to get ready, and called my parents to come pick up the little ones. Through sandwich making, clothes packing, sheet changing, and last minute cleaning, things were definitely indicating a delivery sooner rather than later so I called to update Lori. John was valiantly attempting to put together the birthing tub but found out about halfway through that some part were missing... so even though we could assemble it, we couldn't fill it with water! By then I decided to just climb into a hot bathtub to help ease the back pain. Soon after that Lori, her birthing assistant, and the student intern arrived and helped John ready the bedroom. My parents pulled in not too long after them. There was quite a bit of commotion as my parents and John got the kids ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a sleep over. Eventually they were on their way. After Lori checked to see how things were progressing and a couple more really intense contractions I decided I had had enough of the bathtub and had some help to get into the bedroom. Lori broke my water and then after about 2 more contractions and pushing I heard her say "Oh my ... he's breech!" with a little bottom coming first instead of a head! Now when I heard that I really wasn't scared about the baby or myself, I just had this really crazy thought that they were going to stop everything, pack me up in an ambulance, and ship me off to the hospital to have a C-section! And that was not going to happen! So I gave two really big pushes and Lori was able to safely deliver our baby boy. He was 7 lb and 20 inches long, and oh! so beautiful! I had picked the name Tobiah which in Hebrew means "God is good" and Lori said "yes, He is!" It was a total surprise to Lori, the student and me that Tobiah was breech. He had felt and presented the same throughout my pregnancy. But God is good and He safely delivered Tobiah Michael ("who is like God?") into our family!

Since that day Tobiah and his name have been a good reminder to us of just how good our God really is. How He provides for our every need (not wants!), how He forgives us and loves us even when we stumble and fall in our walk with Him! May you be encouraged today that God is good, and He works all things together for good to them that love Him and are the called according to His purpose! (Rom 8:28)

"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations." Ps 100:5

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