Saturday, June 13, 2009

Park day... sort of

Today we went to Rotary Park to enjoy a picnic with my best friend, Krista-Lynn, and her son. The children quickly scarfed down their lunch in order to get to the main attraction... the water feature... sneaky sprinklers, drippy flowers and umbrellas, a couple water cannons and misting water pipes beckoned in bright colors. John has the camera again, but you can see what the park looks like here at my friend's blog. They played for maybe half an hour before we saw lightening striking over the hills to the south. Hmmm... lightening, water, big metal pipes sticking up in the air in the middle of an open area... not a good idea. So we packed up and headed over to my friend's house where according to Isaiah: "She has lots of cool toys!" We got to play for a while before catching the bus for home where we all enjoyed a popsicle and a nice rest time!

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