Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bowling with Daddy and new tricks learned

John took Isaiah and Lydia bowling this week. They had one six pound ball for the kids to use... and even though it took just about all they had to heft and hurl the ball they loved it! Especially having time with Daddy!

Isaiah got a strike!

Children can be very resourceful in obtaining what they want. Rayna has recently become very independent and wants to do just about everything "By myself!" from using the potty, to putting on clothes and shoes. Since she is such a tiny little pumpkin she is not able to reach the faucet to wash hands or brush teeth without help... even standing on the bathroom stool her little legs and little arms just...don't...quite...reach. That is until she figured out to get the "bear chair" from Boppa and stand on tippy toes... then she can reach the sink "by myself!"

And this little stinker!... is standing up and getting into everything! He can now reach the edge of the dining room table and the desk. Drawers and cupboards are no longer safe. My poor spider plant is often the victim of his chubby little hands.

But he is so happy with his new tricks he has learned!

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