Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick week

no, not a symptom of the sickness, just a result of a treat from Daddy!

We have all been sick for the last week and a half. Everybody has taken a turn with the nasty head cold. I took the day off on Monday with only a little gentle prompting by my dear husband. Now, I don't have a "job" that I can just call in sick when I don't feel good. Being a momma means you are on duty 24/7 and often times whether you feel like working or not. On Monday I definitely could not do anything thanks to a lovely sinus migraine and fever. John was very heroic and took on the great adventure of taking care of one very sick daughter, one very sick wife, a some-what-sick second daughter and baby boy, and a not-so-sick-but-very-rambunctious 5 yr old son. I slept most of the day... I think... this cold makes thinking and remembering rather hazy.
Since everyone has been ill, we haven't been out at all (and it's been very sunny here lately!) so I had to devise ways to keep the three oldest busy without relying too much on the TV. We've done play dough, Legos, Knex, finger painting, made popcorn balls, read stories, watched Kung Fu Panda and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything multiple times, colored in the new books from Grandma and Grandpa, and the new favorite... played with lentils! (or cantaloupe beans as Isaiah has called them... no idea why). Yes, it is messy. They tend to stick to bare feet and track all over the home! But it has provided so many hours of intense concentrated playing that it is well worth the extra vacuuming!

Rayna did more eating than ball-making.

Making Strawberry Jello popcorn balls

the favorite new pastime... lentils!

Knex race car built and photographed by Isaiah taken especially for all the uncles to see and admire.

fingerpainting fun

St Patrick's Day kisses

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  1. You guys all look like you're having fun! I'm sorry you all were sick. Lydia, you were very brave at the hospital--good job! Isaiah, that's an awesome race car you built! Very cool! Rayna, your blue tongue looks silly!


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