Monday, November 6, 2017

Homeschool Spelling Review

This year, our 6th and 7th grade girls have been working on spelling lists from HomeSpellingWords.  It is a free website originally created for use by their own homeschooling family for spelling practice. Now visitors from all around the world come to practice their spelling at this site. 

There are lists for K-9th grades, with 30 lists per grade.  Students have the opportunity to practice their words in a variety of ways such as listening and typing, doing a Word Find Game, playing the Spelling Soup Game,  completing a Fill-in-the-Blank activity and also taking a spelling test.

Our weekly schedule looks something like this:

  • Monday: girls copy down spelling list in notebooks
  • Tuesday: do Word Find activity (we create our own here with the spelling list from HomeSpellingWords. More about this later!)
  • Wednesday: Play Spelling Soup
  • Thursday: Fill in the Blank Game (sometimes play online, sometimes print out...depending on how much paper is in our printer!)
  • Friday: take a Spelling Test
The girls were complaining that the black background of the Word Find game was hurting their eyes, so I found a free Word Search Worksheet creator website where I type in the girls' lists for the week and then print out the worksheet for them to complete.

Another great part of HomeSpellingWords is that you can create a free account, add each of your children and keep track of their progress on the spelling tests.  There is also the option of importing your own spelling lists and using their website to test and keep track of your children's progress.

Hope you enjoy this FREE resource as much as we do!

Happy (Late) Halloween

What do an umpire, a softball player, a fan with popcorn, a pink bunny, a Shopkins cookie and a Christmas tree have in common?... candy, of course!  

We took a tour of the couple surrounding blocks spreading some smiles and collecting some treats

(not pictured: a homeless person, our middle son off already with some neighbor buddies)

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Couple of Years, a Couple of Changes...

Well, it has been a couple of years since I have written anything for our blog and we've had quite a few changes!  We moved two times and added a new blessing who is now almost 4 months.  We are now closer to family and longtime friends (and a big library, and park, and...) and have room to spread out in our new home.

My husband has a new job with a shorter commute and is home evenings and weekends... when he isn't doing his hobby of officiating sports.

I have been busy planning for the new school year. Much praying, printing and Post-It noting going on around here as we will have 6 learning this year! We will have a 9th, 7th, 6th, 4th, and 1st grader, as well as a precocious preschooler.  Most of our learning will be with Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool  which is a free online homeschool curriculum.  This is the first year of having a highschooler so, much planning and prep has gone into planning not only this year but laying out the next four years!  I am getting excited looking at all the fun and amazing things I get to teach the kids this year and the kids are nearing the "I'm-bored-can-we-start-school" stage of summer.