Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Family Day

There was a fun local festival that had a lot of kid-friendly booths, craft areas, the firetruck and ambulance...

and a spot where you could learn about bugs (always a favorite with our kids)

Enjoying the show, fruit from the Farmer's Market, and a balloon animal from...

...my long lost cousin! Actually L-Bow the clown really is my cousin. I never really lost him, just hadn't seen him in awhile!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Surprise Lake and Deception Falls Hike

In August (yes, I know it is now 7 months after the trip!) we took a grand hiking adventure on the Surprise Creek and Deception Falls Loop. 4 days, 3 nights and nearly 18 miles! First stop: Surprise Lake. We ended setting up camp in the dark, and had many mice visitors during dinner hoping for a few crumbs.

The next morning (while John broke down camp) I set out with 3/4 of the kids, got on the wrong trail and ended up losing one of Tobiah's shoes down a very large hole between a couple of boulders. Thankfully he still had a good pair of strappy sandles that were actually descent for walking!

Our longest and toughest day ... tackle Pieper Pass.

Hard work riding in a backpack!

Can you guess the mountain in the background?

Spirits are always high after reaching the top, a couple of granola bars, and beginning the trip downhill.

Our fearless leader leads the way.

Second stop... Deception Lakes. Nasty mosquitoes. But smoke sticks made it bearable!

Having fun throwing rocks and trying to splash Daddy

Yet another log "bridge" crossing before reaching our third campsite near the Upper Deception Falls.

Tired, dirty, but only a 1/4 mile left to go!
The kids and I waited at Deception Falls Interpretive Trail while John hiked back up the road to fetch the Suburban. Definitely the scariest part of the hike... crossing Hwy 2 with 4 children and walking about 200 yds from the end of the trail to the Deception Falls area along the highway.

The End
Where will our next adventure be?