Friday, August 20, 2010

Squaw Lake

This is the first of our family backpacking trips. We went to Squaw Lake. We left our home just before 5.... PM! and got to the trail head at 7:30. Thankfully there was a campsite about a 1/4 of a mile in, even then we were still setting up camp and cooking dinner with headlamps.

Yes, we all did fit quite well in this lovely 3 man tent. Very cozy!

Good thing I have a strong husband! He carried most of our gear, I carried Tobiah about half of the way in the kid carrier and our clothes and some of the food/water. Isaiah carried kids clothes and a sleeping bag. Lydia carried camp sandals. And Rayna carried her sweet little self almost all the way up the trail. She hitched a short ride here!

Isaiah, the super hiker!

Who could resist playing in two inches of super fine trail dust?

The lovely swimming spot on Squaw lake

Silly girls, silly faces!

answering the call of the wild...

mmm.... oatmeal! So good when you're camping!

This was a fun trip. About 6 miles (not counting the at least two miles of continuous laps around the campsite by the kids) and a little drizzly on the last day, but it kept the mosquitoes and flies away!