Wednesday, October 28, 2009

another climber in the family

Bath time?

Somebody couldn't wait for a bubble bath.

Somebody couldn't wait for a bubble bath.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fair Time

In September John and I took the kids to our local fair. (I wrote this up once before and something crazy happened when I went to publish and the whole thing got deleted! So we'll try this once more. I know, a month later! My life as a Barry... late as usual : )

Isaiah's favorite: tractors, eating ice cream and the rides.

Lydia was really hoping to see a fair princess but we were never able to spot one : ( She did however find a car she really liked. Can you believe my first car was painted this exact same color? I loved that car!

Rayna adores any type of animal, whether stuffed or living, and would have gladly stayed in the barns all day. She had fun petting the sheep, bunnies and goats and would giggle every time the geese honked at her.

Lydia and Rayna had soooo much fun on this ride. They made me smile every time they came around in their hot air balloon giggling and waving so exuberantly!

It was so nice to have a whole day out all together as a family!

My sweet husband, exhausted baby and me!

A Box of Sweetness

To Gramma's house we go!

In September the kids and I took the bus up to my parents house to visit while Uncle Andy was home.

Tobiah had fun running around every where with hardly any limits to where he could go!

Lydia spent half an hour playing Cinderella and left Gramma's steps sparkly clean!

Rayna couldn't get enough hours on the excavator. It's built for bigger kids and a little tricky for such little hands and arms so sometimes she would hop off and... load it up!

Isaiah waiting for Uncle Andy to walk by. We had a massive squirt gun fight... not sure who won, but even Gramma got some good shots in.

First Birthday

Tobiah turned 1 at the end of September... and we celebrated with chocolate cupcakes!