Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had the pleasure of hosting Christmas dinner at our home this year! Originally, only Uncle Steven and Uncle Daniel and Auntie Erica were to be expected for dinner, then John thought it would be fun to invite the Nash family to join us too! All in all there were 15 of us... and for those of you who have been in my home know how cozy it is with just our little family! It was fun though and a great time to visit and enjoy good food and good company. The big bonus to me was having a house full of Aunties and Uncles to corral, chase and entertain my 4 children!

Daddy and Uncle Steven took Isaiah, Lydia and Rayna to the park to run off excess energy before the big dinner. That enabled me to bake some gingerbread to make...

...a gingerbread log cabin (great-gramma's tradition) and they kept very busy decorating all the people, trees, snowmen, and even a Christmas train!

Intense gel icing

can I have some sprinkles, too?

Hmmm... how can I decorate this one?

There! Perfect!!
(there really is a gingerbread man under all the sprinkles!)

Isaiah shows off the finished project

Rayna had a story from just about all of her aunties and uncles

Princess Lydia and King Daniel pose for a royal portrait in between adventures and rescues

Master builder Isaiah wastes no time in assembling his town

Come and play in the coloring castle

Lydia engrossed in a new game

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

May God bring you much joy in the new year to come!